Power Zoom

Power Zoom 1.43

Zoom images everywhere in the Web! Just hover the mouse over the image you wish to expand.

Zoom images everywhere in the Web! Just hover the mouse over the image you wish to expand.

Power Zoom is the brand new extension for Google Chrome to view larger images on any website automatically across the Web. Why click a photo and then have to wait for it to load in the new tab or page just to see it larger? Power Zoom zooms photos, pictures, thumbnails and other small-sized images when you hover the mouse over the image, saving you time and enhancing your browsing experience. It's easy to use, fast, fun and free!


• Thumbnails Preview

• Zoom images quickly and seamlessly

• Under Chrome for Windows, Linux, Mac

• Makes browsing easier and less cluttered

POWER ZOOM Features:

• Supports almost all websites excepting Chrome Web Store pages due to Google’s policy and rare websites due to owners’ policies.

• Enlarge images immediately when hover the mouse or by pressing CTRL key.

• User can adjust the number of seconds to delay zooming. By default, 2 seconds delay.

• Save images that you enlarge. User can set a keyboard shortcut to download save the image enlarged.

Just download the extension and start Power Zooming.

Zoom images on:

1. 4chan

2. Amazon

3. Baidu

4. Bing

5. Blogger

6. deviantART

7. eBay

8. Facebook

9. Flickr

10. Google (Google Images, Google+)

11. Imgur

12. MySpace

13. Outlook

14. Picase Web Albums

15. Pinterest

16. Reddit

17. Taobao (???)

18. Twitter

19. Tumblr

20. VK (Vkontakte, ?????????)

21. Wikipedia

22. WordPress

23. Yahoo

24. Yandex (Yandex Images)

25. YouTube

26. Any website with graphic content.

Power Zoom


Power Zoom 1.43

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  • by Anonymous

    The extension to enlarge images hovering the mouse over them is MUST HAVE!.
    Like how it works. It is really conv...   More